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Are You Tired Of . . .

Not knowing what you don't actually know and spinning your wheels trying to figure it out?

Watching buyers walk by your booth/showroom and not getting the ROI you expect from markets/trade shows?

Hoping to grow your prospect list with the best retail partners for you and just cannot seem to grow it fast enough?

Working tirelessly to see your products in stores across the country and beyond and not knowing where to start?

Trying to figure out where the dollars are going to come from  as you grow your business?

Being so caught up in the day to day workload that you can't strategize the future of your company?

YES! That's me

Imagine If . . .

You had an expert with a proven track record teach you tried and true processes to help grow your wholesale business!

There were processes and strategies to drive business into your booth or showroom at markets/trade shows and get your products in the hands of the most qualified  buyers for your products!

You were able to grow your prospect list with the most qualified potential customers for your business swiftly - and I don't mean searches on the gram or google!

There are proven sales strategies to get your products in your dream stores!

There was a way to organize all parts of your business so as you move through the year you have strategies to reach your financial goals!

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About The Courses

We offer a series of courses that take you through Lead Generation, Branding and Marketing, Market Best Practices, Sales, Handling Objections, Closing Deals, Pricing, Strategy and so much more!

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The Courses


This course is a MUST if you are still looking on Instagram and google searching for prospects. In this course you will learn the most efficient way to grow your prospect list quickly and with the most qualified opportunities.


Once you have a good lead list - what do you do next?  In this course we dive into fine tuning your brand messaging and email campaigns to turn your leads into warms calls and ultimately customers! 


There are viable buyers everywhere, yet they are not buying from you? This course takes you though what to do before, during, and after markets/trade shows to drive business to YOU!  This is a must course! 

SALES 101!

Once your lead list grows, and your marketing campaigns start working for you, how do you close the deal?¬† This course breaks down the all of the steps of selling and curates them to work for you!¬†¬†¬†You'll learn the best ways to manage calls with buyers¬†and how to utilize the ‚Äúgate keepers‚ÄĚ to your advantage!

SALES 201!

A continuation of Sales 101!¬† This course takes you through the various road blocks and how to handle objections and ultimately close the deal!¬†¬†Also, learn other avenues to create sales when¬†‚Äúthe well seems dry‚ÄĚ.


This course is the ultimate strategy guide to financial growth! 

Unlike any other course The Business Bible does a deep dive into your year-at-a-glance across all revenue streams, helps set tangible goals, and then strategizes ways to plug in holes to ensure success. 

Additionally, you will have your year planned for all departments! 

Once you create your Business Bible you will have your road map and planner for years to come!


Having the right pricing strategy for your wholesale business is key to your brands success! Pricing too low may devalue your brand and pricing too high runs the risk of not attracting the right buyers.  In this course you will learn effective ways to make sure you are pricing your products to sell AND make you money!

You'll Learn How To . . .

Find the most qualified leads for your business quickly!

Create the best elevator pitch for your amazing product!

Create effective email campaigns!

Drive buyers to your showroom/booth!

Learn the best sales strategies to close the deal.

How to handle objections.

Strategize ways to ensure you will reach your annual goals all while having the year planned out!

How to ensure you have the right pricing for your products so they will sell AND you will make a profit! 

What Clients Are Saying

Loren Petersen - Owner DakotaBlu Candle Co 

I have been in this industry my entire career and have never met anyone who was more invested in the companies they work with and support than Michele Doty.  She is one of the hardest working people I know and a total work horse who cares deeply about her customers and their success! 

Dave & Mindy Christie - Owners Undergoodies

Training with Michele has hit the fast forward button on our growth. She's provided us with a bucketful (plus) of straightforward & actionable tips that would have taken us a long time to figure out the hard way. It's clear Michele is personally invested in our success, and we're already seeing results. Hiring Michele Doty Sales is one of the smartest business decisions we've ever made.


This Is For You If . . .

You are ready to launch your wholesale business and start selling your products to retailers across the country and beyond.

It's time to scale your wholesale game and take it to the next level.

You run a showroom and want training for your staff to drive more business.

You are a road rep and want to grow your book of business and ultimately make more money.

You are in sales or want to be and want to get on the fast track to success.

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